Tuesday, June 3, 2008


The chickens have been going through their first moult since I got them and their feathers are thickening up in preparation for winter. For most of the hens this just means more feathers and a shiny new appearance but one of the hens - Mildred is growing feathers on her neck for the first time. Mildred and the other hens were originally bought from an intensive factory farm and when I got them they were all missing varying amounts of feathers. Mildred has had large sun burnt red patches for many months so it is a real relief that the new feathers are coming through.
This is Mildred preening herself

The garden is going along well, all beds are planted up and we have an abundance of brassicas. Garlic, onions and leeks are all becoming established and broadbean seeds are poking through rich soil and carrots have been sown. I am continuously sowing more brassicas and salad crops so that we have vegies to eat throughout winter. Auckland is blessed with relatively warm wet winters which allow for constant year round food production.