Sunday, November 16, 2008

Motorways at night

So I was taking photos of motorways the other night intending to show how disgusting they are but instead they look kinda beautiful.

I used long exposure times with a low ISO to get the pictures.I played round with saturation and colour temperature on the bottom two images.

Kingsland Community Garden

Here ares some pictures I took yesterday at the community garden. Things are growing amazingly well in the spring warmth.

Cool local Garden

Here are some photos of my friends garden. The guy that runs it shows amazing use of every inch of space particularly vertical space. Another awesome thing about it is that it is less than two years old! All the trellising in the photos below is to grow pumpkins up and pumpkins are also to be grown across the garage roof.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Presentation at World Vegan Day Event

I did a brief presentation yesterday at a festival put on by some Auckland Hare Krishna's for world vegan day. I talked about how the same attitudes of dominion and exploitation behind the farming of animals in our society are also the attitudes behind how all our vegetables are produced. I explained that as health conscious vegans its important for us to eat heaps of fresh organic vegies and as few of us can afford to but them we may as well grow them. I finished up by telling people it was spring and that they had no excuse not to start a garden or get involved with a community garden.

As well as mine a friend got up and did a great impromptu talk on the enormous possibility's for Guerrilla Gardening around Auckland and the small plot he has put in. People were raving about this talk hours later so hopefully someone starts a guerrilla garden out of it. I will go and get photos of his guerrilla plot sometime soon, he just wants me to wait for his potatoes to come through first :)

Another friend of mine talked about his garden which on a normal section in south Auckland grows almost all the fresh vegies for 7 monks. He had amazing photos of pumpkins blanketing his garage roof and corn growing around his letter box. I talked to him for a while afterwards about seeds and growing and as a result he dropped off some plant for the community garden at my place this morning. I will probably be going out to his place on Tuesday and will take a bunch of pics. I think his garden is probably the most inspiring one I have been too in Auckland in terms of productivity and the health of everything growing in it.

All in all the night was great with good food, interesting people and a good mix of groups represented.