Monday, March 16, 2009

Bloody People

I was wandering round yesterday having quite a good day when I came across this gull with a hook and lure embedded in its beak. It was obviously in pain and constantly trying to dislodge it from its beak. I don't think I need to remind readers about how the worlds oceans are in the process of collapse, how ninety percent of the worlds large fish are gone etc etc. I find any kind of sport hunting sickening and any form of meat consumption in the modern world requires denial about the pain and suffering inherent in the production of flesh.

I spent ages trying to catch it as it appeared dehydrated and wasn't moving too quickly but eventually it flew off.


George said...

And that is what these implements are designed to do. Inflict incredible pain and then death on helpless animals.

Given that millions of people live perfectly healthy lives, eating and living well, consuming no animal products at all, we have to question the sanity of the people who produce and use these torture machines.

justin said...

Eating meat is what humans do. To deny that is to deny your humanity.
I understand where you're coming from -- I was a vegan for three years and a vegetarian for 6. But that's not human. That's an idea -- detached from reality -- of what humans should do.
All the physiological evidence aside (omnivorous teeth, digestive tract, chemistry, hunter's vision), to eat a diet of only plants does not obviate pain and suffering. Animals live in the plants vegans eat. To paraphrase Barbara Kingsolver: imagine the decapitated bunnies after a corn (or soy) combine comes through.