Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Over the past couple of years I have spent quite a lot of time on doomer websites learning a whole lexicon of new words. Abbreviations such as TEOTWAWKI (The End Of The World As We Know It) and derogatory terms such as sheeple roll off my tongue with the best of them. But first I should explain how I happened to stumble across the doomer community.

Our way of life is completely unsustainable this seems so obvious to me that it barely warrants mentioning. Furthermore I believe that peak oil and climate change mean that we are facing a breakdown of the complex systems we rely upon much faster than most of us realise. So when I worked all this out I started studying organic farming and turning my parents place into a permaculture demonstration site. Next I started looking round for others who were into the same thing. The funny thing was that very few people seemed to be taking food growing seriously. For most people into organic gardening in the west it seems to simply be a hobby. I would go around to the home of a noted organic gardener or permaculturalist and I would see a small garden that would only produce a tiny amount of the food they required.

So after looking for people seriously into creating a different world I stumbled across the doomer and collapse websites. Here was a group of people that take growing food seriously. They also look at the wider picture and openly consider questions such as, if the power goes out how will I get water and how long will the sewerage system keep running. Whilst I don’t believe civilisation will collapse overnight and carry a Bug out Bag with me 24/7 packed with emergency essentials as some of them may I do share a similar outlook about significant disruptions to our society over the few decades.

Of course the doomer community and peak oil nuts such as myself have gotten a tremendous boost from recent geopolitical events. Oil going to $150 a barrel was considered nuts when people like me talked about it in 2005 yet by 2008 it was reality. Talk of tent cities and martial law might have sounded like conspiracy theory a couple of years ago but these sort of things are popping up in the news daily.

Aside from all the other reasons I find doomer sites entertaining and usually a more interesting read than most of the other blogs out there.

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kevin said...

I also enjoy contemplating TEOTWAWKI, and I base some major decisions on it - though I too do not think it will all end tomorrow, and still make most of my decisions believing that we still have some time before the collapse (but also believing it will come - maybe in my later life).

I would appreciate a list of the blogs you enjoy. Of course, I will tke them with a grain of salt, just as I do "bright-green" sites like that have a lot of great info and ideas, but believe too heavily, I feel, in technology as a savior, and more on sustainable development, than on sustainable contentment (looking for sustainability through understanding what people need to be content, rather than looking for it by trying to "develop" our way out of this mess).

Anyway, I usually get my doomer fix from I find a lot of the posts there theoretically and philosophically great, but also a lot of them "uneducated" - as one would expect from a group that ultimately wants to live in a shack in the woods away from civilization and computers and the knowledge that we accumulate through them.

Just for the record, I am a doomer/rewilder at heart - just too scared or too cynical to be on board 100%.