Friday, March 20, 2009

White House to Get Organic Garden - WTF

So apparently the white house is going to be getting an organic garden. I'm normally pretty cynical when it comes to things like this for instance I think Obama will be the most hated president in US history. He will preside over period where it becomes clear to the world that the US empire is breaking apart. He will be the one that deploys troops onto the streets of US cities and like Lyndon B Johnson will be seen as betraying a generation of activists hopes.

That said I can' t see much wrong with the white house planting a garden, its a powerful symbolic statement which the world really needs.

From AP spotted on cryptogon

The White House is getting a new garden.First lady Michelle Obama is scheduled to break ground Friday on a new garden near the fountain on the South Lawn that will supply the White House kitchen.

She will be joined by students from Bancroft Elementary School in the District of Columbia. The children will stay involved with the project, including planting the fruits, vegetables and herbs in the coming weeks and harvesting the crops later in the year.

Mrs. Obama spent time earlier this week at an exhibit on rooftop gardening.“We’re
going to get a big one in our back yard, the South Lawn,” she promised the volunteers



George said...

WTF indeed. Perhaps this will mean more people are in someway prepared? Who knows.

I'm not sure that collapse in law and order will happen so soon, but the comparison to LBJ seems apt.

Sam said...

I dont think there will be a collapse in law and "order" in fact like post sept 11 I think there will be a strengthening. I would be very suprised however if major outbreaks of civil unrest did not occur over the next couple of years in the US and other western countries.

Darren (Green Change) said...

Queen Elizabeth has also just set up an allotment-style garden, and there's a push to get the Australian PM to set up an organic garden at The Lodge in Canberra:

David Wright said...

hey that is gloomy about Obama - don't believe the news about him - mostly generated by FOX - Cheney and his mates.....