Saturday, June 13, 2009

Quick Update

I just saw that the World Health Organisation has raised the pandemic alert for swine flu to level six - that means its officially a pandeminc. I dont think the death toll from this pandemic will be alarming but the effect on the global economy almost certainly. The effect on international travel alone should give the economy another thumping at the time it can least afford it.

Welcome to the new reality, long term recession, increasing resource scarcity and global instability.

As for me I have been busy, I'm doing a bit of freelance work at the moment but have a huge amount of spare time. So every day I have been working away on practical projects. I'm brewing ciders and beer, I've have greatly improved my baking skills. I've made marmalad and the garden is finally getting into shape after a productive summer.

We set up a fire bath in our yard last week so after a long day working I can take a soak, stare at the sky and drink a bottle of home brew.

I may post more about what I'm up to in future.